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Image by Fahrul Azmi


Published on WARC.

This document brings you the latest COVID-19 Triggers in Indonesia and Malaysia, looked into from the lens of Ramadan and Eid (Hari Raya or Idul-Fitri in Indonesia), the Edges they shape and their implications for brands and industries.

This document helps you to:

• Understand the culture that is surrounding us in COVID-19 era.

• Identify opportunities amongst the darkest news.

• Jump into cultural conversations and be part of a global phenomenon.

• Capitalise on this unique opportunity. (If done right.)


This document is for the curious. All marketers – from the anxious to the opportunist. Any advertiser looking for insights. Anyone who likes to read into what’s happening. If you’ve got it, it’s for you. 


For more information on culture during the pandemic, see our Disruption service, providing knowledge on how brands can best respond, recover, and revive from this unprecedented crisis. 

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